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One Month 'til Paper Planes!

In celebration of the one-month mark until Paper Planes is released at Loose Id (for those paying attention, that means May 3!), I am posting here the soundtrack I made for it. I have put together the playlist at iTunes, and you can download it straight from there. Obviously the writing soundtrack was a little longer than this (75 songs instead of 17!), but these are the ones I specifically chose for their relevance to the storyline. They are arranged in order, to give you a sense of the arc.

Well, and then the last one would play over the credits, because it doesn't really relate, but I couldn't resist.

Hopefully this link works to take you to it on iTunes.

Paper Planes Soundtrack

If you don't want to buy from iTunes or are just curious, here's the track listing (also, I think the one on iTunes is missing a couple! I guess my music is too obscure for them):

The Sky Is Broken - Moby
Torch - Alanis Morissette
Breathe - Melissa Etheridge
Half Life - Imogen Heap
Remember Me as a Time of Day - Explosions in the Sky
Snowblind - Rob Thomas
Every Little Thing (Live) - Dishwalla
Gabriel - Lamb
Pieces - Red
Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert
The Fear You Won't Fall - Joshua Radin
This Flight Tonight - Joni Mitchell
Stray Italian Greyhound - Vienna Teng
Between Sheets - Imogen Heap
Glitter In The Air - P!nk
Dancing in the Dark - Tegan & Sara
Paper Planes - M.I.A.

If you download the songs and listen to them, let me know what you think!
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"Paper Planes" non-update, sequel to "Every Good Thing"

So since I've been getting harassed about the release date for Paper Planes (*coughkassarvwscough*), let me just update to say: I haven't heard back yet. *laugh* I have one publisher (will it jinx it if I say which one??) that's at the top of my list, mainly because I think the series as a whole will fit their catalogue better than most other publishers on my radar. It's a fairly diverse series, having the original m/m, and then sequels/companion/side stories involving incredibly oversexed m/m/m, a childhood-best-friend-turned-romantic f/f, and asexual m/m.

Yes, that's right, asexuality is an orientation too, and it doesn't always mean aromantic. So while there is plenty of working out of sexuality that includes sex scenes, and while there's a clear, strong romantic arc, it definitely won't be earmarked by the whole "mind-blowing, life-changing sex" that most in the genre are known for.

You can see why I'm having to be picky about publishers. I've also given up trying to figure out where ELSE it would go if Favorite Publisher I Refuse To Jinx doesn't want it, so I signed with an agent and let that be her problem. *laugh*

In the meantime, Lovegame is coming along nicely, and I've also started a cyberpunk f/f novella for Samhain Publishing's cyberpunk open call. Making plans for where it will go if Samhain doesn't take it. Have a couple of ideas.

And because I've been getting a LOT of questions about it recently: Yes, there is a planned sequel for Every Good Thing developing Suqua and Ashar's relationship and briefly revisiting Enitan and Arieh. The working title is Shadows in the West, and it's on my list of things to work on this summer, but when I started working on it, I found there was a fatal flaw in the plot, so I'm having to rebuild my idea from the ground up. So... Some Delay Expected.

Um... anything else?
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Excerpt: Lovegame (Rated Mature/Explicit)

Here's a short (~2800 word) excerpt from Lovegame, the WIP that is a follow-up to Paper Planes.  It uses side characters introduced in Paper Planes and picks up directly after one of the scenes near the end of the book.  I promised an excerpt when I hit 35,000 words, which I did last night, so here is just a snippet from Chapter One.  It starts in the middle, because I wanted to get the smut in without making it too long.

Here's an off-the-cuff blurb to give you an idea:

Television actor Adam Cruce and his longtime boyfriend, rock star Keith Black, are used to picking up pretty boys for threesomes and then cutting them loose at the end of the night with no regrets. They aren’t expecting a surprise pickup, Sebastian Keane, to be the one who came to stay—especially when they live in LA and he lives all the way across the country.

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And the waiting game begins...

Paper Planes is in to a couple of publishers. Trying to decide if I want to send it to a couple more. Although someone please remind me not to write query letters at 2:30 in the morning... *laugh*

I'm trying to diversify a bit, so this one is going first to places I'm not published with, and if nobody wants it, I'll see if my old friends do. *grins* I dunno, I take that "eggs in more than one basket" advice pretty literally most times.

In the meantime, not to be left out, Keith and Adam (side characters from Paper Planes) have demanded their own story, and along with their chatty third lover Sebastian, are about two chapters in already. It'll be my first full-length threesome! I get to show the world my views on polyamory! Yay? LOL

(Also, there are three hot boys having kinky, semi-public sex all over the place, so maybe it'll make my social theories go down a little more smoothly. ;))
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Pure as the freshly trodden snow

So I know several of us having writing playlists. Yeah, I make a playlist specifically for each story, but I also have one that I use for writing sex scenes, specifically. And yeah, different playlists for different kinds of scenes.

I'm always interested in adding new songs, though, so what I'd love to do is share mine here, and hopefully inspire you to share yours and then link me to it in the comments! :D

Raw Hot/Kinky Sex (We'll do sweet lovemaking later. ;))

"I Like It Rough" - Lady Gaga I hesitate to even explain this choice. The title says it all! I mean, all of Gaga's songs have sexual overtones to them somewhere, but this one works particularly well for, well, rough sex.

"Won't go without my fix tonight - it's a little bit rough"

"Gold Guns Girls" - Metric Yeah, I tend to lean towards the techno-pop for sex writing. The energy helps. I heard this one on the Alt Rock radio station, and I love it.

"All the gold and the guns in the world couldn't get you off; all the gold and the guns and the girls couldn't get you off; all the boys, all the choices in the world..."

"Crazy in Love" - Beyonce feat. Jay-Z I almost feel like I should apologize for this one, it's so cliche... but it's got a desperate edge to it, and plus, if you've ever seen the video... damn, girl. *fans self* But desperate!sex is one of my major kinks, so this works well for that.

"Your love's got the best of me, and baby you're making a fool of me - you got me sprung and I don't care who sees, 'cause baby you got me"

"For Your Entertainment" - Adam Lambert This man is a walking sex god, and damn this song is good for a little D/s play.

"Let's go, it's my show, baby - do what I say / I told you I'ma hold you down until you're amazed, give it to you 'til you're screaming my name"

"Whole Lotta Love" (live cover) - Adam Lambert He really, really channeled raw sexual energy with his cover of this. And if you want more of a slow burn instead of a throw-you-against-the-wall-and-fuck-your-brains-out vibe, just go look up the seven-minute-long acoustic version he did live. *fans self*

"Way down inside, honey you need - I'm gonna give you every inch of my love, I'm gonna give you my love"

"Woohoo" - Christina Aguilera This one is brand new to my playlist. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with Christina, but damn, she's got an amazing voice, and I like her new album (Bionic). Make sure you get the explicit version -- I'm trying to figure out how the hell they could've censored this one anyway....

"You know you really wanna taste my - you know you wanna get a peek, wanna see my - you know you wanna put your lips where my hips are - kiss on my, all over my - you don't even need a plate, just your face, ya"
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I feel like ranting a little bit.

This comes up from time to time in circles I'm in, which most of you won't be surprised to learn. I'm feeling more than a little infuriated about it right now, so be prepared for me to be scathing... unless I manage to knock it back to just 'snarky.' No guarantees.

See, there's this phrase that gets knocked around the romance community, especially m/m. It's called "chicks with dicks." Let me enumerate for you the reason that phrase boils my blood in almost the same way as hearing the words "Family Research Council."

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Paper Planes

Paper Planes excerpt (WIP)

As a special treat, here's a short excerpt of the current WIP.  The wordcount is at 26k right now, but this is a little snippet lifted out of the middle of the first chapter.  Raw, unedited rough draft.  All mistakes are my own.

Quick and dirty blurb to give you an idea of the story:

Photographer Stuart Grange was doing just fine with his suburbanite lifestyle until his partner Brendan was killed in a plane crash. Now he's on autopilot in a holding pattern, just surviving until he meets commercial jet pilot Dustin McDonough, who knows something about surviving tragedy and coming out stronger on the other side. Now it's up to Stuart to find his wings again and take a chance on a second love.


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Queer the Census: Our Families Count, Too.

Today is Census day - I STILL don't have my form, what the fuck? - and hopefully several of you have found out about the hot pink Queer the Census stickers, a campaign to have all GLBTQ folks count even if they're not in a relationship. (This year is the first year "unmarried partners" count on the census, iirc.)

It is also the ever-fabulous Rachel Maddow's birthday.

In honor of both of these events, I am posting a picspam of GLBT couples (and one adorable transgender little girl), and starting it off with - you guessed it - Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula.

Happy QtC/Maddow day!

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